Servo Motor Repairs from Our Company

Our Company servo motor repair workshops in-house machinist and custom built test rigs have been designed to provide our customers with the very best servo motor repair service possible. We specialise in repairing motors from a broad range of manufacturers, therefore you can be safe in the knowledge we have the expertise to repair your faulty servo motor, no matter who manufactured the part. All our servo motor repairs come with the added security of 12 months whole of unit warranty.

What Are The Benefits?
State of the Art Workshops

Our workshops and custom built test rigs have the latest technology.

Experienced Engineers

Our highly skilled engineers are equipped to repair a broad range of parts.

Emergency Repairs

We can repair your faulty part within 3 working days .

International Sales Team

Speak to one of our sales representatives in your language.

12 Months Warranty

All our repairs and spares come with 12 months whole of unit warranty.